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Cash360 Application

OCS Consulting - PowerBuilder

​Cash360 application In 2008, OCS Cash Management Solutions and G4S Cash Security business joined in an adventure to write a piece of software to improve the cash handling process of the retail business sector. The result of this journey, is the Cash360 application which is today live in many countries supporting multi-currencies and languages and […]

Old £1 Coin valid untill 15th October 2017

Old £1 Coin valid untill 15th October 2017 From 11:59 pm on October 15, retailers have no obligation to accept the old £1 coins. Any unspent £1 coins after October 16, can be banked or taken to a Post Office. Donate them is also a good idea. But please be aware that the exchange arrangement is a […]

£5 Paper Note Out of Circulation on 5th May

​£5 paper note out of circulation on 5th May Be aware that the paper £5 note will be accepted until 5th May 2017. Retailers are compelled to accept them until this date and after that the paper note can be exchanged only at Bank of England in person or by post.  See Paper £5 Withdrawal […]

New £10 Polymer Note to be issued in September 2017

New £10 Polymer Note to be issued in September 2017 The Bank of England will be issuing the new £10 polymer note in September 2017. The new note will be 132 mm x 69 mm and it will feature the great writer, Jane Austen. ​The Bank decision to move to the new banknotes was taken […]

Retail Business Technology Expo 2017

Retail Business Technology Expo 2017 Logo

​Retail Business Technology Expo 2017 ​OCS Cash Management Solutions will be visiting the Retail Business Technology Expo on 8th and 9th May 2017. Two of our partners are some of the exhibitors for this year. Don’t miss the change to visit the Europe’s Retail fastest growing market, hope to see you there!

New Euro Banknotes

New Euro Banknotes

New ​Euro Banknotes As you know, there is a new series of Euro banknotes. The new banknotes are called Europa because two of their security features containing a portrait of Europa – a figure from Greek mythology and the origin of the name of our continent. The new series have currently released the new €5, […]

New £1 Coin Available

Photo of new UK £1 Coin

​New £1 Coin Available As you are aware, the new £1 coin will be available to all from 28th March 2017. Apparently, the new 12-sided coin is considered the safest coin in the world as the current round one has been proven easily to fake. People have been advised to use the present £1 coin […]

OCS Cash Management Solutions Website Launch

OCS Consulting - PowerBuilder

​OCS Cash Management Solutions Website Launch We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website! Our goal with this new website is to provide our visitors an easier way to learn about OCS Cash Management Solutions and also to learn what OCS can do and offer to the success of their business. Amongst […]




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