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Specialist Java EE Services

Call in the Specialists

OCS Java Services offers skilled Java Architects and Developers to supplement your in-house team.  During its long heritage, OCS has specialist on-shore experience of delivering Java development projects for Clients, including the design, development and implementation of:  

  • Kiosk self-service automation / POS:  the development of a cash payment kiosk, designed to complement existing card payment kiosks and to integrate with existing store systems and back-end data processing infrastructure
  • Automated Cash Management Solutions:  software development for an end-to-end cash management retail solution to manage the business process and to integrate 3rd party hardware and software
  • Heritage / Museum Data Collections:  Supporting collections and information system and upgrading the internal web and Java applications
  • Publishing: P Design and development of historical document website, ensuring enhanced user experience and a fully functional, searchable website delivered using Agile methodology 

OCS’ specialist expertise includes:

  • Design: technology selection and proof of concepts
  • Development:  
  • Implementation:  
  • Post-implementation services
    • Java application audits and quality assurance
    • Performance and tuning
    • Tailored training and skills transfer.

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